Friday, May 25, 2007

Sign Of The Times?

Peace All,
I grew up in the grimmiest Projects on the east coast in the "Era Of Crack" and I've seen things you could never believe.I guess thats why I do what I can do to shine light & try to better the human condition.But what the f*ck is a 7yr. old kid doing bring a snub nose 38 to class? It's a sign of the time ladies & gents.I fully reject that we have let ourselves go in the abyss of nothingness.I mean being stupid,lazy & uneducated is deemed cool by these babies out here now.I call the "Babies because they are and as adults it's our fault for the most part.We have failed,we have failed them.We can all point fingers at whose to blame(Rappers,TV,Gangs,Drugs,whatever) everything starts at home first.Mom & PopDukes set the tone first,the evils will be there no matter what but if these babies are raised right they will for the most part resist the temptation to do dumb sh*t.Ladies stop laying with worthless men,Gents stop hollering at these bum-chicks(even if she got a fat ass & cute face) if she does'nt have a degree or some kind of drive/goals in life....STEP.There are good women/men out here no doubt but we can no longer settle for what one looks like or what one might have.All I'm trying to say the breakdown of Love,Peace & Happiness in society has 7yr olds bringing heat to class.
Please peep the NY Dailynew article below and feel me.We're in a state of emergency....BE THE CURE

A 7-year-old smuggled a .38-caliber pistol into a Queens elementary school yesterday, terrifying his classmates and landing his mother and brother in police custody, authorities said.
The gun scare ended when the second-grader's teacher calmly confiscated the revolver after another student told her that the boy was showing off the weapon to classmates.
"Give me what's in your pocket," the teacher, Debra Mergenthaler, told the boy, according to a source.
The child obeyed and quickly handed over the illegal handgun. The teacher then called school security officers, the source said.
"I know I did a brave thing, but I did what any teacher would do," Mergenthaler told the Daily News. "I did it because I love children."
Within minutes of receiving an emergency call, heavily armed Emergency Service Unit cops raced to Public School 63 in Ozone Park. The officers confiscated the unloaded gun, which had a defaced serial number, and brought the boy to the 106th Precinct stationhouse, police said.
The boy's mother, Andrea Clarke, an NYPD traffic agent, and his 14-year-old brother were later arrested in connection with the 12:45 p.m. incident at the Sutter Ave. school.
Cops were investigating how the younger boy got his hands on the gun. His teenage brother told cops that he had found the weapon, sources said.
When his mother found out, instead of calling the cops, she simply told her elder son to get rid of the weapon, the sources said.
The 14-year-old, who was not identified by police, said he ignored his mother and hid the gun in the family's 77th St. home in Ozone Park - where his younger brother found it, the sources said.
But cops were investigating whether the teen had actually obtained the gun from his mother's boyfriend, who is wanted on several warrants.
Cops were hunting him last night.
"Nobody in that family should have had a gun," one source said. "The kids are 7 and 14, and mom is a traffic agent, armed only with a summons book."
After spending several hours at the 106th Precinct stationhouse, Clarke, who celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment. Her 14-year-old son also was hit with reckless endangerment charges.
Earlier at the elementary school, students said word spread quickly about the gun.
"I was scared. I saw the cops," said 11-year-old Christian Cuevas.
Christian's father, Edwin, 37, said he's grateful that his son and other students were not seriously hurt, but called for better security screening. "That's horrible. It's shocking," he said as he prepared to bring Christian to a Little League game. "They ought to put metal detectors, even in public schools. They ought to do something."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Biters:Portait Of A Poser

At Peace Denim Co. we really go out our way to provide creative,innovative quality goods.We don't use anyones.....anyones imagery without thier written permission.Not B.I.G. not John Gotti,not Scarface,nope not I.
This 1st Shark N*gga is by former peeps at 5Pointz(before they went wack) Not the graffitti kats from Queens though.The lame Korean company.DON'T BITE COMPLETE TECHNIQUE's NEEDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next is this lil number I don't know who this company is ...I don't care either.But this is a clear bite from the NoLoveLost line by Omar Vega.Again ..........STOP BITING!!!!!! All the energy Shark N*ggaz put in raping other peoples styles you can come up with your own styles!

Monday, May 21, 2007

AIDS(NYC) walk raises $6,857,527!

Peace to every able body that made it out to AIDS WALK.AIDS WALK NYC raised $6,857,527! Bless!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


The obviously bored NYPD monitotred activists,democratic supporters and hip-hop artist like Alicia Keys,Diddy & Jay-Z for the 2004 Republican National Convention.What a waste of money and man power! The powers that be can't figure out a way to better appropriate the manpower and funds in overtime for things that matter.Finally why are the Republicans affraid of hip-hop artist? Peep the NY Daily News article below and enjoy.Peace

The NYPD kept tabs on the biggest names in hip hop as well as peaceniks, anarchists, anti-war bloggers, a city councilman and at least one hippie pie-tosser as cops girded for protests at the 2004 Republican National Convention.
The list of the spied upon was revealed yesterday in 600 pages of secret NYPD intelligence files released by the New York Civil Liberties Union, which is suing the city on behalf of hundreds of demonstrators arrested during the convention.
Sean (Diddy) Combs, Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Alicia Keys were among the notables the NYPD monitored in the months before the convention arrived in New York. Each was expected to attend a protest rally during the convention staged by the Hip Hop Summit Action Network.
Among the activists eyed by the NYPD was Aron Kay, aka the Yippie Pie Man, who earned his moniker by tossing pies into the faces of authority for more than two decades.
Mostly, the NYPD intelligence squad crisscrossed the Internet, peeking in on Web sites like one for Camp Shut Down that urged viewers to Resist the GOP and offered advice for those caught up in an NYPD dragnet.
The cops kept tabs on anti-Bush groups like Cabbies Against Bush and Bands Against Bush, as well as Billionaires for Bush, a group not really for Bush at all.
Police also were watching City Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn), a onetime mayoral candidate who was expected to demand that the GOP hold the convention elsewhere "unless the RNC indicates that it is willing to address issues of the impoverished, such as HIV/AIDS, housing and welfare."
The NYCLU says cops went too far in their surveillance of lawful political activism, while the city says the work of the intelligence unit justified the cops' high profile during the convention.
"The surveillance spanned the globe," said Donna Lieberman, director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.
But Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, "I think a close examination of those documents will show the NYPD did an outstanding job of protecting the city during the convention."
The city tried unsuccessfully to block the documents' public release. Two weeks ago, Manhattan Federal Judge James Francis dismissed city claims that potential jurors in the NYCLU case will be prejudiced by their release.
The NYPD posted all of the documents, as well as a 26-page overview, on its Web site last night.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rappin' with the stars (reality show)

Peace All,
Enough is enough! First,who's really beat for another reality show? MTV is developing Rappin' with the stars,if they could'nt get anymore wack.Hip-Hop has been exploited more than a crackwhore on payday.The truth of the matter is rappers have cooned out in search of a payday for close to a decade.Rap is the new minstrelshow (it's disgusting).I know the attitude is "F*ck it,I'm getting paid.But they sell thier soul & dignity for money not even realizing your a coon/joke to the powers that be....Opps pardon me,you have no soul & dignity! (Yo,Yo,Yo) Make me laugh Jester

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Peace All,
The new issue of Woofin' Magazine has hit NYC(of course I copped an advance copy) Peace Denim "got it in" Me and the PDC Duckie rocking the Cuban Linx hoody/Protest tee..pictued below is the PeaceSign skullie..Dope.Of course thank you to my familia at Woffin' magazine for thier support,Mosi,Aiko,The KDU & Gummi.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cancer causing foods

Peace all,
This is extremely important attached below is the article of studies concluded about cancer causing food.If you don't have time to read the full article here are the top 5 Cancer causing foods:

Ever wonder which foods should be strongly avoided by those at high risk for cancer? We can begin identifying cancer-causing foods once we know which ingredients in our food cause cancer. Some of those ingredients are food additives and chemicals used to enhance taste, while others are used strictly for appearance or to increase product shelf life. The key to avoiding cancer-causing foods is knowing which ingredients are carcinogens -- or cancer promoters -- and then reading food labels to permanently avoid consuming those ingredients.

Cancer tumors develop, in part, by feeding on sugar in the bloodstream. If you eat lots of sugary snacks loaded with simple carbs, you're loading your bloodstream with the chemical energy needed for cancer cells (and tumors) to proliferate. No biological system can live without fuel for its chemical processes, including cancer cells. Thus, one of the strategies to pursue for any anti-cancer diet is to eat low-glycemic diet. That means no refined sugars... ever! No refined grains (white flour, for example), no heavy use of sweeteners and the lifetime avoidance of sugary soda pop. Aside from starving tumors, eating foods low in sugar and avoiding simple carbs will also keep your weight in check while helping prevent blood sugar disorders such as type-2 diabetes.

What to avoid on the labels: high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, sucrose, enriched bleached flour, white rice, white pastas, white breads and other "white" foods.

The dangers of hydrogenated oils
Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils -- another danger -- are developed from otherwise harmless, natural elements. To make them hydrogenated, oils are heated in the presence of hydrogen and metal catalysts. This process helps prolong shelf life but simultaneously creates trans fats, which only have to be disclosed on the label if the food contains more than 0.5 grams per serving. To avoid listing trans fats, or to claim "trans fat free" on their label, food manufacturers simply adjust the serving size until the trans fat content falls under 0.5 grams per serving. This is how you get modern food labels with serving sizes that essentially equate to a single bite of food. Not exactly a "serving" of food, is it?

Besides being a cancer factor, trans fats promote heart disease, interrupt metabolic processes, and cause belly fat that crowd the organs and strain the heart. The essential fatty acids that the hydrogenation process removes are responsible for a number of processes in your body. When trans fats replace these essential fatty acids, they occupy the same space without doing the same job. The "anchor" portion of the fatty acid is in place (which is how the body recognizes the fatty acid and puts it to work) but the chemically active part of the fatty acid is twisted, distorted, and missing vital parts.

After the hydrogenation process, the fatty acid can't biochemically function in the same way. Things like brain cell function, hormones, gland function, oxygen transport, cell wall function (keeping things in or out of your cells) and digestive tract operation (putting together nutrients and blocking allergens) are adversely affected.

Food manufacturers don't tell you this on the product label, of course. Your body needs essential fatty acids and you are programmed to keep eating until you get them. If you're only eating trans fats, you'll never feel fully satiated, because your body will never get the fatty acids it needs for essential function. Since cancer needs high blood sugar and low oxygen levels, a person with lots of belly fat who just can't seem to put down those trans fat cookies or crackers (also loaded with flour and simple sugars) presents the ideal environment for the development of cancer.

The acrylamide factor
Since trans fats are often formed during the frying process, we should also talk about acrylamides. Acrylamides are not added into food; they are created during the frying process. When starchy foods are subjected to high heat, acrylamides form. A Swedish study found that acrylamides cause cancer in rats, and more studies are under way to confirm the understanding that acrylamides also cause cancer in humans.

Sodium nitrite (and nitrates)
Food companies add sodium nitrite into certain foods on purpose. This carcinogen is added to processed meats, hot dogs, bacon, and any other meat that needs a reddish color to look "fresh." Decades ago when meats were preserved, it was done with salt. But in the mid 20th century, food manufacturers started using sodium nitrite in commercial preservation. This chemical is responsible for the pinkish color in meat to which consumers have grown accustomed. Although today the use of refrigeration is largely what protects consumers from botulism and bacteria, manufacturers still add sodium nitrite to make the meat look pinkish and fresh.

The nitrites themselves are not the problem. People get more nitrites from vegetables than they do from meat, according to research by the University of Minnesota. During the digestion process, however, sodium nitrite is converted to nitrosamine, and that's where the cancer problems begin. Nitrosamine is a carcinogen, but since it is not technically an ingredient, its presence can be easily overlooked on the packaging. Nitrosamines are also found in food items that are pickled, fried, or smoked; in things such as beer, cheese, fish byproducts, and tobacco smoke.

Knowing about all these ingredients doesn't mean there is simply a "short list" of foods that should be avoided. You have to vigilant and read labels constantly. Here are the five worst offenders:
Hot dogs: The Cancer Prevention Coalition recommends that children should not eat more than 12 hot dogs per month because of the risk of cancer. If you must have your hot dog fix, look for those without sodium nitrite listed among the ingredients.

Processed meats and bacon: These meats almost always contain the same sodium nitrite found in hot dogs. You can find some without nitrites, but you'll have to look for them in natural grocers or health food stores. Bacon is also high in saturated fat, which contributes to the risk of cancers, including breast cancer. Limiting your consumption of processed meats and saturated fats also benefits the heart.

Doughnuts: Doughnuts contain hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar, and acrylamides. Essentially, they're one of the worst cancer foods you can possibly eat. Reader's Digest calls doughnuts "disastrous" as a breakfast food, and many experts agree it's probably one of the worst ways to start the day.

French fries: Fries are made with hydrogenated oil and fried at high temperatures. Some chains even add sugar to their fry recipe to make them even more irresistible. Not only do they clog your arteries with saturated fat and trans fat, they also contain acrylamides. They should be called "cancer fries," not French fries.

Chips / crackers / cookies: These generally contain white flour and sugar as well as trans fats, but it's not enough to simply look for these ingredients on the label; you have to actually "decode" the ingredients list that food manufacturers use to deceive consumers. They do this by hiding ingredients (such as hiding MSG in yeast extract, or by fiddling with serving sizes so they can claim the food is trans fat free, even when it contains trans fats (the new Girl Scout cookies use this trick).

Besides avoiding these foods, what else can consumers do to reduce their risk of cancer? The main things are simple: Eat unprocessed foods and base your diet largely on plants. Consume foods that have omega-3 fats and other essential fatty acids. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; many common ones have known cancer-fighting properties. Get regular vigorous exercise, since tumors cannot thrive in highly oxygenated environments. Keep your blood sugar stable to avoid being an all-you-can-eat buffet for cancer cells.

Eat foods high in natural vitamin C, a nutrient that deters the conversion of nitrite into nitrosamine and promotes healthy immune function. Make sure you get adequate amounts of cancer-fighting vitamin D through exposure to sunlight -- about 10 to 15 minutes each day if you have fair skin, or ten times as long if you have dark skin pigmentation. Stay well hydrated to ensure that your body rids itself of toxins. Avoid smoking and don't use conventional fragrance, cosmetics and personal care products -- virtually all of them contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Preventing cancer is actually quite straightforward. Even the World Health Organization says that 70 percent of all cancers can be prevented with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. The truth is that most people give themselves cancer through the foods, drinks and products they choose to consume. In my opinion, over 90 percent of cancers are easily preventable.

By the way, don't you find it interesting that the cancer industry seems to have no interest whatsoever in urging people to avoid eating sodium nitrite, or to stop using cancer-causing skin care products, or to get more sunlight on their skin so they can prevent cancer with vitamin D? As you'll read in many other articles I've written here, it is my firm belief that the cancer industry has no interest whatsoever in preventing cancer, and it primarily interested in treating cancer for profit. This view is generally agreed upon by noted cancer experts such as Dr. Samuel Epstein and Dr. Ralph Moss. See to learn more from Dr. Epstein.

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The Bape Kids book has hit the usual great job.They also added a free Baby Milo teddy along with the book.It's a good look.I Got mine,you better get yours.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

LAPD at it again!!

What tunred out to be a peaceful rally on immigration reform in downtown LA,ended with the LAPD acting thier same savage ways.Knocking heads,shooting rubber bullets at marchers,violently assaulting marchers with nightsticks.No one was spared the beatings Man,Woman nor Child.Mothers with thier children in hand being shoved,maced & beaten by police.It's disgusting!The hatred toward immigrants in this country is plain & simple.America see immigrants as "job pochers" and a major threat to blue collar jobs to Americans.The decline of the blue collar,labor & union jobs in America is blame squarely on the immigrants,which is unfair.Illegal immigrants should register so they won't have to have thier heads beat in by the LAPD and any other local,state or goverment authorities.BE THE CHANGE!

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Atsuko Tanaka ft.Peace Denim Co.

Peace All,
I'm featured on Photographer Atsuko Tanaka's website(thanks)



The way you treat people is the way you get treated.Nobody is checking for Dame


April 26, 2007 -- Would-be mogul Damon Dash is struggling to remake his business empire a year and a half after splitting with former Rocawear partner Jay-Z.
An analysis of Dash's various holdings, which range from fashion to entertainment, turns up more misses than hits.
Dash's CEO clothing line has yet to take off, reality TV show "Ultimate Hustler" aired for one season and bombed in the ratings, and his foray into Hollywood with the movies "State Property" and "The Woodsman" has not produced box office hits, though DVD sales have fared better.
Meanwhile, Dash has pulled the plug on his State Property sportswear line and fledgling record label Damon Dash Music Group, according to spokeswoman Amanda Silverman. "Music is not where the money is," she said.
While a line of designer clothing by wife Rachel Roy has garnered critical acclaim, and a higher profile after Roy appeared on "Oprah," it has yet to turn a profit.
Dash's biggest win so far has been Pro-Keds, a sneaker brand he licensed from Stride Rite in 2004 and which, according to industry estimates, has more than doubled sales in the past year to exceed $22 million.
"It's not that easy to hit a home run every time," said Izzy Ezrailson, a friend of Dash's, who operates a chain of specialty stores.
For someone who has prided himself on a lavish lifestyle that includes private jets and personal chefs, Dash's return to the "trenches," as one associate put it, is a dressing down of sorts.
Not that Dash is in the poor house - owning homes in New York and Los Angeles - but he is "flying first class these days, not by private plane," one friend said.
Even such a small degree of belt tightening as flying commercial must grate on Dash given the continued success of former partner Jay-Z, who recently sold the Rocawear clothing company to the Iconix Brand Group for $204 million and remains president of the successful Def Jam Recordings.
Nevertheless, those who know Dash say they are not counting him out. "I think he'll come back strong," said Billy Rudnick, of the Dr. Jay's retail chain, which is considering buying the CEO line, but waiting for Dash to make some adjustments, such as shrinking the logos "so they are not so in your face." Other retailers also said they are holding off on carrying the line to see how it evolves.
Marianne Tessler, whose resume includes stints at Nike and Givenchy, and who now oversees the apparel ventures as president of Damon Dash Enterprises, insists that all is going according to plan.
"When you launch, you have to adapt, but there are no disappointments," she said.
Tessler added that even though the CEO line is not expected to make money until the end of next year, Rachel Roy's collection should be profitable before then, and the Pro-Keds business is expected to continue growing with the addition of apparel this fall.
Dash, who once said his goal was to amass $1 billion, still has a way to go.


W's fly-by-night aircraft farce, four deadly years later

Flight suit ditched, beaming Bush greets grunts on ship on May 1, 2003.
Here he was, coming out of the sky like the real flyboy he always wanted to be, more convinced than ever that the only way to be a great American President was to be a war President, even if the war on terror wasn't enough and he had to start one of his very own.
He came out of the sky in a Navy S-3B Viking, the first President to ever land on an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln in this case, by plane. They came in at about 150 mph and then executed this thrilling tail-hook landing, coming to a stop in 400 feet. Then President Bush, with "Mission Accomplished" on that huge banner set against the blue sky that had just belonged to his S-3B Viking, was on the deck of the Lincoln in a green flight suit, helmet in hand.
Here is what he said that day, a huge day for him, May 1, 2003:
"In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our Allies have prevailed."
Game, set, match.
Only now it is four years later, and there are more dead U.S. soldiers than we lost on Sept.11. Last month there were 104 more dead in the U.S. military, the sixth-highest total for any month since the war in Iraq started in March of 2003. Now all the Bush opponents from the Democratic side, all great Americans, yell themselves hoarse in speeches about that "Mission Accomplished" speech.
Hillary Clinton nearly lost her voice in California the other day, calling Bush's remarks on May 1, 2003, "one of the most shameful episodes in American history." But she voted for the war and so did John Edwards and so did Sen. Christopher Dodd and so did Sen. Joe Biden. They are all experts on Iraq now, in what has become the best and most vocal and most prominent Monday morning quarterbacking in all of American political history.
They know everything now, the way Rudy Giuliani knows everything about terrorism because he was mayor when it happened to New York. It is why he tells everybody that only he, a Republican, America's Mayor, can keep us safe from future attacks. As if he knows things that nobody else knows because he was mayor of New York the day we got hit. The only problem with this, now that Giuliani has built both his fortune and his current place in the polls on his response to the attacks of Sept.11, is that his response that day does not measure up to its legend. His command center to fight terrorism was at 7 World Trade Center and his firefighters were using the same radios to communicate with each other that hadn't worked when the World Trade Center had first been hit in 1993.
But that really is the game these days, the amazing amount of political genius we get after the fact. We sure get it from George Tenet, the former head of the CIA who gets very brave about Iraq and the reasons for getting into it now that he has a book to sell, who wants to be a patriot after he's left the room.
Tenet was on the inside and did nothing when it counted. Neither did Colin Powell, who came out of the Bronx to become a military hero and later secretary of state. Only when we needed Powell most to be a hero he went in front of the United Nations in February of 2003 and gave us a slide show about nothing. But people believed him, the way Democrats running for President now say they believed the intelligence they got from Bush, who they now decide has stepped over the clown line.
"The gravity of this moment is matched by the gravity of the threat that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction pose to the world," Colin Powell said that day.
When it counted he did what he did in front of the UN and it was shameful. He could have stood up and did not. All the Democrats, with the exception of Barack Obama, who was in the bleachers at the time, tell us now, with great force, what they could have done and should have done about Iraq.
You know who did stand up when it counted? Sen. Edward Kennedy. He was already 40 years in the Senate and was supposed to be too old and too liberal and was supposed to be some kind of has-been, even as a Kennedy, whose dayof being a powerful voice was past. But he stood up and told the truth about Bush's war even when nobody wanted tolisten.
Kennedy had already been one of 23 senators to vote against the resolution authorizing the President to use military force against Iraq. And did not quit after that, even when the runup to war had become a locomotive. A month before Powell went to the UN, Kennedy gave a speech at the National Press Club and talked about the "wrong war at the wrong time." He talked about how "the threat from Iraq is not imminent." He spoke of a war that would feed a "rising tide of anti-Americanism overseas."
Kennedy was one who wasn't afraid to be called a bad American, or unpatriotic, the way Clinton and Edwards and the rest of them were. He stood up against this war when it wasn't popular. They all stand up now. They're all brave now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


photos courtesey of honeyee HF