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MY MANTRA!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dear MoveOn member,

Big news! Your petition signature telling FOX to stop their racist smears against the Obamas had a really exciting day on Wednesday. Here's what happened:

1:00 p.m. Your signature was printed off at a New York City Kinko's along with 620,126 others—filling 19 big boxes.
2:00 p.m. The signatures were piled in front of FOX's national headquarters at 6th Avenue and 48th Street.

3:15 p.m. Hip hop star Nas (whose new album had just risen to #1 on the Billboard charts hours earlier) joined over 100 activists and delivered the petitions to FOX on behalf of ColorOfChange, MoveOn, and Brave New Films.

3:30 p.m. FOX refused to accept the petitions. (Sometimes, the truth hurts.)

4:00 p.m.—9:00 p.m. News of FOX's racism and the star-studded petition delivery made its way around the world—with stories in Rolling Stone, Billboard, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, India Express, Huffington Post, MTV, OpenLeft, and over 200 other places.

11:30 p.m. Stephen Colbert welcomed Nas as his guest on the Colbert Report and dedicated over half of his show to FOX's racism. The boxes containing our signatures were stacked prominently on Colbert's set in place of his normal interview table and chairs—and he conducted the entire interview surrounded by petitions! Then, Nas performed his new song "Sly Fox," which is all about FOX's racism.

12:00 a.m. Several MoveOn staffers, jaws dropped open, get on the phone and engage in several rounds of, "Wow!" :)

Since then, the news has kept spreading around the world. You sent a message to FOX, and that message was very much received!

And the fight's not over. We'll continue to push back together against FOX's racism and their smears against Obama. But for now, enjoy the video of Wednesday's petition delivery—led by our friends at ColorOfChange—and the video of Colbert. Both videos are at this link:

Thanks for all you do.

–Adam G., Laura, Ilyse, Justin, and the rest of the team

Nas: SlyFox


ProjectShow NYC

Two of the most creative people in effect! Michel x Megumi(PDC)

This is soooooooooo hype

The Genius that is Michel Berandi

Megumi with the Dope Kicks

God Bless Nasir Jones : Nas @ Fox"News" NYC protest

Standing up,going against the grain,If you don't stand for something,you're not doing your job as a HumanBeing.Peace to Nas for leading the Color Of Change protest against Fox"News" in NYC.Lot's of people don't know or don't care about what Rupert Murdoch,Fox"News",Bill O & The Right Wing do distort the facts in this country to serve they're agendas.LIVE,READ,GET INVOLVED!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nike x Quest Luv

HolySh*t!! This colab with QuestLuv ( The Roots) is heavy! You can tell he didn't just put his name on it,he actually sat and designed it.Peace & respect to the entire Roost Crew fam.

(pix via Highsnobiety / kix & the city)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sound Of Art @ World(NYC)

My partner Mosi Yamada & I went to World(NYC) to peep our Fam TonyPeralta(ThePeraltaProject) & The Art Of Sound reunion and the art was amazing the entertainment was immaculate.Thanx Tony,it's always a pleasure digging the art.

Mosi Yamada(PDC) & The Beautiful Emilie (Lady Caprice Magazine/Paris)

Friday, July 18, 2008



Lars Amhoff launches The Substain. It serves as primary brand above
his other known brands like Kinkyform and Opus Duae which contain
products like furniture and watches. This new project includes a t-shirt line
and other products by Lars.For more information about Lars and the Substain, visit the Substain
website and online store. ( &

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sen.Obama raises $52million in June!

Sen.Obama more than double mccaines $22million for the month of June(Click Header to donate)
(peep article)
Feels good to be a part of and see history in the making...GET INVOLVED!

#300 ! Nas album review

One of the greatest artists of our time drops of of the greatest albums of our time....Period! Enough about the title of the album,because I've heard for months how it was a publicity stunt which was nonsense.If you consider yourself an aficionado
seeking publicity isn't a Nas trait(KNOW YOUR HISTORY) The album explodes with Queens Get the Money *a freestyle feel over a dope piano riff only 2minutes he touches on teen pregnancey to politics"I'm over their heads-like a bulimic on a see-saw"
Too many on point,important,political,bravehearted lyrics to name.The heaviest tracks are N.I*.*.E.R.(The slave & the master) is a history lesson & a vivid look into the ghetto(from powdered eggs to govt cheese)."This history don't acknowledge us,we were scholars long before colleges". The track Untitled touches on the power/risks of being a revolutionary(Min.Farrakhan) "Some revolutionaries do live long,am I one of them? I guess we'll see in due time." Track:SlyFlox is the total disection of FoxNews Network(which is the most bias,right-wing,Dr.MindBenders in the country if you didn't know)Breaks down how Ruppert Murdoch is the Chancellor Palpatine of Foxnews & the NYPost(know that!) Track We make The World Go Round ft.Chris Brown /Produced by TheGame is an ode to Black peoples contributions to world(From making Gucci & LV hot to all the trends we start & other eat off) Track Fried Chicken ft.Busta Ryhmes its so dope to talk abouts ones addiction to fried chicken and Nas & BustaBust tears it down "Ain't that some shit? Im gonna eat something that's gopnna kill me!Why?cause thats the shit that N**ggaz do!" Finally track:BlackPresident is the perfect track @ the perfect time(November election) touching on the situation in the ghettos across the States,Obama,Hope,racism.Nas's genius shines thru on this albums final track and my favorite quote "Say a prayer for dude,we have to,you aint right Jeremiah "Wrong" pastor in love with a slavemaster.Sincerly yours USA most brave rapper.
Allah sent Nasir Jones here for his people & with a purpose his career and this piece of 15track art is exactly why he did.We all need to knod our heads in respect to Nas for this artwork he submitted.PEACE & RESPECT

Monday, July 14, 2008

F*ck The New Yorker!:You knew it was coming

We all saw the racism rearing it's ugly head the more momentum Sen.Obama picked up in the primaries.But this months NewYorker magazine has crossed the line.Being a bi-racial baby and growing up in the projects I've seen enough racism in my life than I care to share.As of today my subscription to the New Yorker is done! Finished! The mainstream sees Black people(in a positive light) only as sports stars and entertainers.But for the most part we're predators,drugdealers,crimminals,thugs and of lesser intelligence,militants,etc.But to paint Sen.Obama as Islamic militants(that obviously hates America) is a disgrace and disgusting! The sketch is "Supposed" to show how ridiculous the notion of Sen.Obama being a Muslim or Radical is it is offensive!.AK-47,the Angela Davis Afro,Osama Bin Ladens picture over the fireplace,the American flag burning in the fireplace.We all know what the true message is here!Enough! Have you ever heard the saying if you hear a rumor enough it must be true? Well here is a prime example of that.There was a poll over the weekend about 25% of the American Sen.Obama is a practicing muslim.So not everyone in the country READS and not everyone in the country is really INFORMED! So if they do see this at an airport,a newsstand or wherever they're more likely to think "Ah Hah! I knew he was a Muslim!" Thank you New Yorker Magazine mission accomplished.....YOU TASTELESS PRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July 4th to remember

I really don't dig on American holidays.For my people some of them have been Hell-A-Days.But..............
Mosi invited me to Fujiko & Kevins wedding.It was the most love-filled,beautiful wedding I've been to in my life.It was literally full-of-love and that was a beauftiful thing.Congrats' kids...Oh & MEGUMIS BACK from touring in Japan!

Megumi introduced me finally to the Great Jonte(artist/choreographer) It was a pleasure,very kind.

Mosi/The Beautiful Bride Fujiko/Que

Ladies:You can't tell me God isn't a genius...They're beautiful

I had to see this art before it was over,the wedding overlooked this


I stopped by my sisters cookout after the wedding and ......BOOM!
This Is Great-Savior-U-Allah.He was The Older God to me he taught me 120's,I was his shadow for most of my childhood.He gave me my 1st drink(BlackBery Brandy),my 1st toke of.....oops,took me to Friday Night At The Fever(NYC),took me to Busy B vs.Kool Moe Dee battles,RockSteady Crew events,put me in ciphers with King Sun & finally gave me my 1st pair of suede Pumas,sharkskin pants,kangol,fatlaces,BVD & Cazals(no lens) Wow what I wouldnt do to be that innocent again.Thanks Great for looking out for Quashawn

Sunday, July 06, 2008

But I Like Kanye!!!!!

Why did the great Ms.Winehouse(the nutter) call Kanye a C*NT? Just for that you're on time out!.......Queue "Roses" for me!

Jay,Oasis & all that

This is how you respond to a swipe(clicker on header)If you don't know Oasis is pretty dope too(see SongBird,Morning Glory & Dont Look Back In Anger) great art.Aint it cool to see how comfortable Jay is being Jay? It's a brave new world

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New Woofin Mag hits the States

Go Cop That!